Ondokuz Mayis University – Talha Kaan Unlu (2018-1)

오랜만에 돌아온 초청학생 인터뷰입니다  ( 다들 많이 기다리셨죠? )

오늘은 터키에서 온 정치국제학과 친구를 만나 볼 예정입니다! 영어로 진행된 인터뷰이지만 다들 재미있게 읽어주세요~~  터키의 Ondokuz Mayis 대학교는 터키에서 손에 꼽을 정도로 좋은 수업을 제공하고 유명한 학교랍니다. 또한 국제화 부분에서 아주 많은 노력을 하고 있죠. Ondokuz Mayis 대학교에 대해서 알아보러 함께 가즈아~!


  • Please introduce yourself where your from and your university.

Good afternoon. My name is Talha Kaan Unlu and I’m from Samsun, Turkey. I am currently a political science major at Ondokuz Mayis University.


  •  Tell us why you decided to come study here in Korea.

Actually I didn’t know much about the far east before coming here. All I knew was europe as I grew up and traveled around there. I have been interested in Korean culture and I wanted to experience it firsthand. Also there is partnership between my home university and CAU so it made it easier to come to Korea.

  • Where is Ondokuz Mayis University?

Ondokuz Mayis University is located in Samsun, Turkey. Samsun is located along the north coast and is right along the Black Sea which makes beaches are easily accessible. Transportation to and from the city is possible by bus or train.

  • Is there many exchange students at Ondokuz Mayis University?

Not really, there are some exchange students but the majority of them are from: Spain, Poland, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. I have not seen any Korean students here for a while.

  • Why should Korean students study abroad in Turkey, specifically your home university?

First of all the culture between Turkey and Korea are very different. Turkey is the “border” between Europe and Asia so we have a mixing of the two cultures and people. Also we have some cultural similarities such as respect for elders and how we speak with them.

  • How do turkish people view foreigners and exchange students?

Turkish people are very sincere and it is easy for people to communicate. Usually turkish people will make the first approach to exchange students and they’re very friendly and genuinely interested in getting to know them. Unfortunately not many people speak English, maybe a little less than half of them know English. However, where there’s a will there’s a way! And people will always try to be helpful regardless if they can speak them same language.

  • Some students might be concerned because of the political tension that was present in Turkey? How can you reassure students that it’s safe to go to Turkey now?

             Yes, two years ago there was some conflict within the country but it has subsided since then. Now it is safe and no longer a concern for worry.

  • How is the price of living compared to here in Korea?

Turkey is much cheaper when compared to Korea. Food is cheaper, you can eat really well for less than ₩5,000. Also to take the tram or public transportation it only costs about ₩300. Rent in the dormitory only costs about ₩50,000 per month.

  • Are classes in English?

There are some classes in English and some thought in Turkish, it all depends on your major. And in general classes are a bit different compared to here.

  • Any last words?

             The biggest thing I would like to emphasize is the mixing of cultures and how different it is compared to Korea. It truly is something you have to experience first hand.The architecture is very different as the building are older and don’t follow modern utilitarian trends. Also I recommend turkish food we use a lot of the same ingredients like garlic and lots of onion so I have a feeling that Koreans will definitely like it. Also Turkey has a long history and a lot of places to explore like mosques, palaces, or bazaars; In addition to the city of Istanbul which has many tourist attractions. Students hang out together after class as they do here for dinner and drinks.


초청학생 인터뷰

interviewed by. Serafin (Global A student)


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